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    about me

    Jarek Tokarski
    Warsaw based director & screenwriter

    After graduating in film studies at the Jagiellonian University, I decided not only to write about films, but also to make my own projects. As a director, I’m always looking for real emotions, whether it’s documentary, fiction, advertising, professional actor or amateur, which I have proved with my work awarded at the Grand Video Awards or Papaya Young Directors. The story is as important to me as the image, so I pay special attention to the visual layer. Basing on contrasts, special colors, thanks to the unique framing and camera movement, I create my film world. The guys from the block, a surfer who fights with nature, enthusiasts of the kitchen doing crazy food, mountaineers – openness and curiosity about the world make me a great partner at work. With a backroom in an independent cinema, I can easily come up with brilliant ideas. I am currently working on the script for my feature debut.

    I direct commercials, music videos, short films. I'm getting ready for my full-length debut.
    I write scripts for music videos, short and full-length films.
    If you are interested in my view of cinema - listen to my podcast (only in polish).
    Be Creative
    If you’ve got an image to build, a vision to share, or a story to tell, give me a call.
    Silent Misery

    Silent Misery

    Silent Misery

    Silent Misery is my screenplay for an elevated horror feature film.

    Ola has just graduated from university, and she is taking her first independent steps in the adult world. She returns to her small hometown for Christmas, but meeting her toxic family turns out to be much more difficult than expected.

    As if that weren’t enough, a cousin whom Ola hasn’t seen in years decides to turn up out of the blue. The atmosphere at the Christmas table is heavy as Ola confronts a past trauma.

    It’s one of those family secrets that are very emphatically NOT talked about. But Ola will be forced to face her fears and… supernatural events. As the traditional holiday turns into horror, will Ola survive this Christmas?

    I’m looking for a producer, partner in crime, feel free to contact me for script (english version available)

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